Jonathan Perry

Empowering Families and Protecting Our Children's Future
A loving husband and father of four, Jonathan Perry is a pro-life, pro-family leader. He was appointed by Governor Bobby Jindal to serve on the Louisiana Commission on Family and Marriage and has been awarded "Outstanding Family Advocate" three years in a row by the Louisiana Family Forum. In 2009, Perry received the annual "Life and Liberty Award" for his pro-family legislation. Jonathan is committed to protecting life and protecting our conservative Louisiana values.

Creating Good Jobs and a Stronger Economy
Jonathan Perry understands that we must ensure our small businesses keep more of what they earn so they can reinvest and hire new workers. He will lead the fight against any new taxes, fees or new government regulations that will hurt Louisiana businesses. And Jonathan voted to keep ObamaCare's massive new costs and tax increases out of Louisiana.

Fighting For Smaller Government
Government is taking more of our money and eroding more of our freedoms than ever before. We must stop this abuse of our tax dollars before it is too late. Jonathan Perry voted against the legislative pay raise, opposed all new taxes and fees and believes that if we cut the waste in government, we can fund our priorities without taking more money out of the pockets of Louisiana families.

Protecting Our Communities and Conserving Our Natural Resources

Born and raised in a small town, Jonathan Perry understands firsthand the struggles of small rural communities in addition to the communities on the verge of prosperity. Jonathan Perry is committed to working to rebuild Erath, Henry, Pecan Island, Forked Island, Cow Island and all rural areas of Vermillion, Acadia & Lafayette Parishes affected by Hurricane Rita. Jonathan will continue to work to see that not only their quality of life is restored, but to also give their communities safe, sustainable futures. And Jonathan Perry is committed to maintaining and supporting our rice, sugar, and cattle industry while also working to protect out fisheries, culture, recreation, and tourism.

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